Exclusive Interview with Channing Powell, Writer on Season 4 of The Walking Dead

Channing Powell

Channing Powell got her start in the industry as an assistant on the television series, “White Collar”. While she was there, she made her way up the ranks until she was staffed as a writer and eventually gained credits as an executive story editor. Watch the interview to hear about her writing process, and her … Continue reading

Danai Gurira Talks About Playing Michonne In The Walking Dead Season Three


A fan favorite brought to life… After making an appearance as Michonne in The Walking Dead season finale, actress Danai Gurira spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about bringing the fan favorite to life. She said: “I’m going to develop that with [showrunner] Glen Mazzara and the whole creative team. They have their own take on … Continue reading

‘The Walking Dead’s’ Michonne gets a Playboy spread


One of the most popular characters from “The Walking Dead’s” comic book source material is a samurai sword-weilding hottie named Michonne. Fans — and even co-executive producer Gale Anne Hurd — have been clamoring for Michonne to make her way onto AMC’s TV adaptation of the story since the show launched in 2010. We’ve been … Continue reading

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