CNN: For ‘The Walking Dead’ producer, it’s ‘all guts and glory’ + Season 2 Episode 6 “Secrets” Sneak Peek!

If you think the blood and guts of the zombie apocalypse in “The Walking Dead” is uneasy turf for a nice lady like producer Gale Anne Hurd, think again. Hurd began her film career as an executive assistant to Roger Corman, the widely acknowledged “King of the Cult Film” whose prolific portfolio ranges from ’50s … Continue reading

One on One: ‘Walking Dead’ EP Gale Anne Hurd Talks Midseason Finale, Mushy Stuff

This season, The Walking Dead has taken a bit of an emotional, existential turn. Some of us are loving this new introspective aspect, but others are growing a bit restless. To get the inside look at what’s coming up on the AMC series and why all that inner turmoil is so important, we spoke with Executive … Continue reading

EXCL: Gale Anne Hurd Offers Hellfest Update

The Walking Dead producer Gale Anne Hurd is looking beyond zombies for her next horror project. Hurd – who is responsible for big screen fare like Tremors, The Terminator and, more recently, The Hulk – is developing a new film called Hellfest for CBS Films. “It’s really, really cool,” Hurd told Shock last night at … Continue reading

Executive Producer Gale Anne Hurd on ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 2

Having worked with James Cameron on his most famous thrillers, as well as numerous other genre films, Gale Anne Hurd is no stranger to difficult shooting conditions. But the veteran producer is tested like never before on the Walking Dead‘s hot-and-humid Georgia location shoot, where I join a group of other journos in speaking with … Continue reading

Meet Gale Anne Hurd, “The Walking Dead” Executive Producer Up To Her Neck In Zombie Guts

BY Susan KarlinFri Nov 11, 2011 Thanks to a hands-on style and “The Walking Dead“’s success, executive producer Gale Anne Hurd has a full slate of films, TV series and comics, including a project with Frank Darabont. The zombie apocalypse has been very, very good to Gale Anne Hurd. With AMC’s The Walking Dead breaking … Continue reading

The Walking Dead Sneek Peek Video: Season 2 episode 5 “CHUPACABRA” Sunday Nov. 13 9 pm AMC

Inside The Walking Dead:Watch as The Walking Dead special effects team assembles one of the most gruesome zombies of this season, then watch as the survivors destroy it.

‘Walking Dead’: Michael Rooker on the return of Merle Dixon

Nov. 10, 2011 | 11:29 a.m. Merle Dixon (Michael Rooker) and Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) face off on “The Walking Dead.” (AMC) At the recent Aliens to Zombie convention in Hollywood, fanboy-favorite actor Michael Rooker turned up carrying a large box of life-sized polyurethane severed hands that he planned to dole out as souvenirs. “Thirty … Continue reading

The Walking Dead Mad Magazine Cover – At Newsstands Now!!

Alfred E. Newman gets torn apart by zombies for the upcoming December 2011 issue

‘The Walking Dead’: Is Shane a Hero or a Villain? — and an Episode 4 Preview

By Kimberly Potts (Warning: Don’t read this if you don’t want to know what happened on Sunday’s “Walking Dead.”) Fans of “The Walking Dead” who complained that not much has happened yet in season two can’t make that complaint anymore after Sunday’s episode, “Save the Last One.” You just knew when the episode opened with … Continue reading

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