Part Two of the Exclusive Interview with Mark Roslan, Director of Design and Production at Aspen Comics

Mark Roslan has always been interested in comics as an art form. After his first internship, there was no doubt that he wanted to work in the comic book industry. He then combined his degree in business and art into something he loved: a career in graphic design. Mark, being extremely passionate about his work, … Continue reading

“THE WALKING DEAD” Fan Mail Addresses

Are you a fan of “The Walking Dead”?  Want to send fan mail?  Here are the addresses to all of your favorite characters. They can’t wait to hear from you! ADAM MINAROVICH (Ed Peletier) c/o People Store 645 Lambert Drive Atlanta, GA 30324 ADRIAN KALI TURNER (Duane) c/o Luber Roklin Entertainment 8535 Wilshire Blvd, Ste#550 … Continue reading

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