Exclusive Interview with Channing Powell, Writer on Season 4 of The Walking Dead

Channing Powell got her start in the industry as an assistant on the television series, “White Collar”. While she was there, she made her way up the ranks until she was staffed as a writer and eventually gained credits as an executive story editor. Watch the interview to hear about her writing process, and her … Continue reading

Exclusive Interview with the Costume Assistants on “The Walking Dead”, Hollis Smith & Tessa Kicklighter

Hollis Smith and Tessa Kicklighter are production assistants with our costume department on “The Walking Dead”, where they buy and manage the costumes.  They are both newcomers to the industry and are very excited to be a part of the crew.  Hollis graduated from Jacksonville University with a degree in theatre arts.  He has since … Continue reading

Exclusive Interview with Gale Anne Hurd from The Trusteeship

Gale Anne Hurd is an accomplished woman in a field traditionally dominated by men.  Now CEO of Valhalla Entertainment, Gale Anne has a history of mega-hits including The Terminator, which she produced and co-wrote,Aliens, Terminator 2, The Incredible Hulk and many others.  Recently, she has produced the TV series, The Walking Dead.  Capping this fabulous career to date, … Continue reading

George Christy Talks About Chuck Fries, Caucus for Producers, Writers and Directors, Gale Anne Hurd And More!

George Christy Talks About Chuck Fries, Caucus for Producers, Writers and Directors, Gale Anne Hurd And More! Arriving in Hollywood, that Cincinnati Kid, who FedEx’s friends his hometown’s irresistible Graeter’s ice cream, became a top banana at Screen Gems and Columbia. Later, at Metromedia, the indefatigable Chuck Fries produced and supervised 26 movies for television … Continue reading

Meet Gale Anne Hurd, “The Walking Dead” Executive Producer Up To Her Neck In Zombie Guts

BY Susan KarlinFri Nov 11, 2011 Thanks to a hands-on style and “The Walking Dead“’s success, executive producer Gale Anne Hurd has a full slate of films, TV series and comics, including a project with Frank Darabont. The zombie apocalypse has been very, very good to Gale Anne Hurd. With AMC’s The Walking Dead breaking … Continue reading

An Evening with Gale Anne Hurd

Women At Work presents Gale Anne Hurd in conversation with Sandra Tsing Loh. On Tuesday, November 1st, join us as 89.3 KPCC hosts Women At Work at The Crawford Family Forum to honor Gale Anne Hurd, 2011 winner of the Women At Work Trailblazer Award. Gale Anne Hurd, a much-respected film and television producer whose … Continue reading

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